Thursday, 8 May 2014


The Hidden Loch 
Featuring La Famille
Monzievaird, Crieff, Scotland, UK

This past weekend Ralph's part of the family had a mini reunion BBQ at a beautiful chalet just outside Crieff in Scotland. We were welcomed with the typical sottish summer (rain) but this didn't dampen the day, excuse the pun, as the atmosphere reminded me of my stays during tropical storms up in the mountains of North Carolina, USA. This beautiful place is situated around a huge Loch (large body of water) in 40 acres of land. Not only does it ground 23 beautifully decorated and cosy log chalets but it's home to Monzievaird Castle or Castle Cluggy, the original home of the lairds of Ochtertyre. It belonged to the Red Comyn, who was killed by Robert the Bruce in the convent of the minorities at Dumfries. 80 yards from the castle ruin is a small artificial island that apparently served as a prison and at the west end of the loch a large mound sits over the body's of plague victims buried during the rein of Charles I.

What mystified me the most was the many beautiful tree's almost purposely placed across the grounds. On our walk around the loch, old oak, ash and Scots pine tree's harmoniously scatter themselves along the land, sometimes even entwining like they're dancing around each other. This place was almost calling me to stay, never leave. To be honest if I didn't have to I probably would have stayed. It didn't even have to be in the beautiful retro executive styled chalets, ours featuring prints that could have been 1950s ads of the golf course in St.Andrews, Scotland. I would have happily done up the castle ruin and grown food of the land, as there is plenty of it! What made me yearn more was the fact the swan's and ducks welcomed you as long lost friends. No fear of your arrival, just searching for any scraps you may have to spare. Rabbits, squirrels even stalks could be sited. It made me feel like I was something out of a Disney movie, I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd all burst out in song!  

Loch Monzievaird Self Catering
Scotland, UK
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