Saturday, 18 July 2015

Something Sweet - SOFLOrganics

Something Sweet from SOFL Organics 

When it came to scrubs I used to avoid them with a barge pole.
I'd read that scrubs could scratch the skin, which is a no no in beauty.

 Proper sugar scrubs don't "scratch" anymore than using a loofah scrub, the natural sugars combined with warm water and antioxidants act as gentle exfoliation, ridding the skin of dead cells and detoxifying it in the process.

SOFLOrganics scrubs are an all natural, hand combined, scrub all the way from Florida that started in January 2015 by the beautiful Shanna Proudfit. She hand makes all her scrubs taking great care and passion into all the ingredients she uses. 

Since trying her scrubs 4 months ago I'm utterly addicted, my favourite so far being the Green Tea scrub, it leaves my face feeling like it can breath through the skin and the oatmeal & Honey is great for gentle repair on sunburn or other skin irritants.

SOFLOrganics Scrubs come in an array of choices, from cucumber & mint, Cranberry to Black Coffee or Aloe Vera to Lavender. But they don't stop there, Shanna is working on expanding the SOFLOrganics brand into organic beard oils, all natural soap, clay masks and scented candles. High demand and growing popularity of her scrubs are fast making a name outside of Florida as well as within. Shipping worldwide and available in wholesale, it wont be long before you see these in organic beauty distribution stores.

Check out the current SOFLOrganics product list at

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The River Walk

The River Walk

Autumn is my favourite time of year, obviously it's not Autumn, it's Summer, but the great advantage with living in Scotland is that we tend to get all the seasons in one week, sometime's even in one day.
This particular day was one of the warmest in awhile, we adventured out by the river going through a mix of coloured leaves, flowers, and ending up at the bank of the river.

Rohan, my son, is an undercover merman. He's part Australian (on his father's side) so that doesn't really surprise me. He's in love with water, he'll one day be the person to discover how to permanently breathe underwater, free of the boundaries of the human respiratory system.
He made me take off my shoes (and his) and dip our feet in the water, still icy even on the warmest day of the year. He doesn't flinch, it could have been ice water and he still would have ventured in.

 I watched him run his hands along the pebbles, and fallen leaves floating in the water. I struggle to follow him as he walks with ease over the stones and struggle, slip, cringe at the awkwardness of my feet contouring to the rocks. He even tells me to "Be careful mummy" as I fumble, holding his hand.

He cried when we had to leave, I had to pull him away like a fish squabbling to escape back into it's habitat. We had spent three hours just paddling through the river, it was almost 9pm. I felt guilty taking away his fun, I could have watched him play in the water for hours more. 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Shannagh + Paul

How Long Will I love you....As long as the stars are above you.

On the 30th of May 2015 I had the pleasure to photograph Shannagh and Paul's Scottish Heather purple Wedding in the heart of Crieff, Perthshire. The whole day was filled with love and friendship. It was an emotional beginning during the wedding prep as the bride got into her dress with the help of her beautiful bridesmaids. Happy tears were shed as they gathered up before setting off to the Crieff Parish Church.

The ceremony was beautiful with hand picked hymns and an array of flower girls and page boys to fill a choir, the church gave a beautiful backdrop for photographs and the weather blessed us with sun the whole day.

The reception we shed a few more tears and laughs during the speeches and the traditional readings of the first few cards for the bride and groom after cutting the cake at the Crieff Hotel. First dances was my favourite part of the day. The emotions during the father daughter dance and when the bride and grooms daughter joined in with them on the floor was a beautiful touch and beginning to the rest of their marriage

Overall it was a beautiful day. Wishing Shannagh + Paul a very happy marriage and congratulations on the announcement of expecting their second child.

Mary's Walk

Mary's Walk

I recently came across these photos while going through an old USB.
They were taken over a year ago down Lady Mary's Walk in Crieff with our 3 legged lurcher mix Shadow.

Shadow wears a muzzle because he was used as a hunting dog before he came to us for small rodents and birds, he is a beautiful lurcher mix who loves people but because of his history isn't great with small animals like cats, which is how he lost his leg. Shadow was let off the lead in urban area and a house cat caught his eye, he broke his leg jumping off a wall and landing onto another while chasing the cat (that cat escaped unscathed). 

Since Shadow has been with us he's chased cats and other small animals in rural areas but always with a muzzle, one thing we have observed is that even if he catches up with them he doesn't seem to attack them and rather wants to play. Even so, the muzzle is staying on whenever he is outside as we wouldn't want an instinct to cause a beautiful and loyal dog to be put down for something that he thought was right.

Shadow now stays with my mother in law and her beautiful greyhound Gunner, they get along beautifully and it's great for Shadow to have a constant companionship in his life. He has access to a huge garden that he can run around in and rural walks, including this one, just a two minute walk away. We regularly get to visit too.