Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Distilled and Downright Dirty

The Famous Grouse Experience
Crieff, Scotland.UK

Imagine your favourite whisky, drowned in a crystal glass, wafting through the office door into the rest of the house. That warm oak smell, like grandfather's house in winter, all that is needed is a cigar and a warm fire. Imagine that smell but outside!
Before you even arrive at the Famous Grouse Experience in Crieff, Scotland. You are welcomed by the smell of distilled whisky seeping through your car air vents from the top of the road. The closer you get, the stronger the scent. It draws you in like a business man to a flame. You could get drunk on the smell!
Along with the welcoming aroma of whisky, is the biggest grouse you will ever see, covered in kisses, placed at the welcome mat of the car park. This place is tucked away just outside of Crieff, easy to find by the smell, which is usually the answer you'll get from the locals when asking for directions "Just follow the smell of whisky and turn at the huge grouse" I'm not lying when I say "biggest grouse you will ever see" It really is unmissable and rightly so! Being the symbol of the famous grouse whiskies, it only makes sense

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