Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wet'n'wild Mineral Foundation & Temple Spa Moisturiser

Wet'n'Wild Natural Wear Mineral Foundation & Temple Spa Aromatherapy Resting Cream
A desire to camouflage and enhance the skin is not un-be-known to the woman's Pandora's box of makeup yearns and needs. We strive for a flawless look when it comes to skin and rightly so! Changing your base foundation is hard, women in the modern century have trouble and fear of trying to find the right foundation and the closest we've come to calming this challenge is Boots No7 match made service, a trial I've yet to embark on, mainly because it's two hours to the closest 3 point scan .Mineral makeup is the second best thing to the miracle of colour perfection. But when it comes to picking the right one, you really have to know where to start.

Did you know you only have to have 2 mineral ingredients in a mineral foundation to be classified as an organic mineral powder, that means the rest of the ingredients can be whatever needed to bulk it out! Upon trying to do research on the Wet'n'Wild natural wear mineral foundation ingredients I met a wall, endless amounts of reviews, similar to the conclusion of my experience but no ingredients (Please comment with links if you have better luck) I gave up in the end, which is unusual for me as I like a challenge.
The mineral powder comes in a double decker package, translucent to the eye and a small blending brush for application. Everything unscrews for ease of use and storage. The brush is something to be demised, tearing at the skin as it is dragged helplessly across the face. I've used softer sandpaper. That was discarded straight away. Upon finding my stippling brush to replace the fascist bristle I came to a disappointment of blending. The colour somewhat matched, but stuck to the spot first applied, suggesting it definitely isn't all minerals in that spherical tub. Coating after coating was needed for a smooth blend, that ended up slightly heavy on the skin. I sighed with defeat, this mineral powder was not going to make my top 10 of mineral foundations let alone top 3. For the price I got what I paid for, no bargain here I'm afraid. It's functional for use but I've now reserved for my emergency foundation instead of my every day skin paint.

To correct the damage of the grating brush upon my face I reached for my ever trusted Temple Spa Aromatherapy Cream. This elixir never fails to assuage my skin, relax doesn't even begin to describe. The smell pierces the snout triggering receptors in the brain, muscles in the face begin to fall into a trance, dancing in the muse of ingredients. I use this almost every night before my head touches the pillow and my skin has thanked me for it. It works so good it's hard not to snack on it, I'm not sure it would have the same effects taken this way though...

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