Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Jim + Laurie

Jim + Laurie

Jim and Laurie were married in August 2007 but never got any formal photographs of them on their wedding day. I was delighted when they contacted me to ask if we could do a wedding shoot so they would have some photo's together after all these years.

Laurie informed me of this beautiful rustic building not far from town that she thought would be a perfect backdrop for the shoot. When we arrived I fell in love. Archway's, stone, lush green fields, it was perfect! What made it even better was Laurie & Jim looked so happy to be there together as if it was their wedding day all over again. There is nothing worse than re-creating a day and not having that same, if not better, feeling and atmosphere as it shows in photographs if you're not in the moment. Laurie & Jim still have a newly-wed nature that I hope they never lose, it was beautiful to witness how their personalities complimented each other and just made you feel happy to be in their presence.

I wish them both many more years of happy Marriage and I hope they look back on these photographs & remember the feelings they both had from day 1.

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