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Get Instagram Results Without a Smart Phone

Get Instagram Results Without a Smart Phone

Instagram has brought social media by storm giving everyday people a chance to take pictures making use of their smart phone and obtain artistic results through cropping and adding filters. Through the addition of some professional equipment and software, you could make artistic photographs without the use of a phone or app. 

Should you be like lots of people on Instagram, you almost certainly take a lots of pictures of the pets or your kids. While Instagram is helpful for unplanned photo opportunities, if you'd like framed prints, buying photo products are key. photography lighting equipment, such as lamps, tents and reflectors, can sharpen or soften your pictures. Backgrounds will help you create a neutral environment or, in the case of a green screen, any background you want. 

If you are an Instagrammer which takes a lot of food photos, finding a light box can provide you with even better results than your cell phone. With a light box, it is possible to take a picture of smaller items say for example a plate of your most beautiful food, in a way that makes the plate look stand-alone without glare or shadow. A light box, like all the photographic equipment listed here, can be found at YescomUSA 

By far the most important thing it is possible to own while trying to find Instagram effects on regular photographs is Photoshop. With Photoshop, you're able to do all the same color manipulations you are doing with Instagram and a few more. You can crop photos, change the focus and change various facets of your photos in manners that Instagram barely touches upon.

Instagram is a brilliant app that enables anyone with a smart phone to have photographic results that only professional photographers could accomplish before. With some professional Cameras and software, you can get Instagram results and a few. You too can get photographs that you employ beyond social media marketing to framed artwork for your home.

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