Tuesday, 1 October 2013

To Chop Or Not To Chop?

Having the nerve to dramatically change your look!
When it comes to hair Humans become very emotionally attached, which is funny considering it's something that will most likely grow back (give or take the odd few who are losing their hair). So when it comes to the BIG CHOP many are afraid to do it. Most of you fashion followers will have probably watched America's/Australia's/Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model and will recall the makeover challenge when they get a dramatic new look usually involving their hair. The tears! It's like watching 2 year old's being left at toddler group for the first time!

The thing is, hair is one of the mane, < -hair pun, that changes and frames our face thus giving us our "signature look" and most people feel a huge unbalance whenever that tried and tested loyal look is changed. The trick is getting a great haircut and not one that involves a bowl on top of your head.

A few days ago I made the decision that I was going to take my long caramel locks to the long caramel bob. A big transformation that I hadn't done since I was about 10 years old. "But you've always had long hair!" one family member worryingly said. Exactly! It's time for a change! 
I contacted my local hairdressers and made an appointment, amazingly there was one slot left for that day! Benefits of getting up early and phoning. After I got off the phone I couldn't believe how excited I was, the anxiety ridden fool who usually hides behind her hair wasn't nervous at all! I'd planned exactly what I wanted and sent pictures so they were informed before hand. But it didn't matter because when I got there I sat down in the chair, by this time very nervously and told her what I wanted but trustingly said "Whatever you think will frame my face best..."  Now anyone whose ever been to a hair salon knows they always cut off more than you ask, hair dressers are a breed of scissor happy guru's, if you don't know this when entering a salon and you want an exact length cut off then you're not going to get what you asked for BUT you might be surprised at the results.

After nearly all my hair had left my side and fallen to the floor I felt free! It was like Rapunzel finally being able to cut that dam rope from her head and lead her own rebellious ways! I was light and refreshed even after she dried my hair and admittedly said she had cut off a lot of hair! It didn't bother me, no more knots! no more long drying time or worse going to bed with wet hair, no more tugging from my 13 month old son, no more constantly having to put my hair up because I don't have time to style it or it getting in the way of what I'm doing. I was free!

It was what happened afterwards that took me by surprise. I thought some family members wouldn't like it as they'd gotten more attached to my hair than me physically being attached to it. But no, they fell in love with the adventurous new look! It was friends and acquaintances who surprised me the most though. "Oh my gosh that was brave!", "It suits you so well, wish I had the guts to chop off all my hair!" so many of these types of comments flew out of the mouths of even people I didn't think would notice as they hadn't known me that long. I was being talked to as if I'd ran into a burning building and saved a child from it's death.Was it really that big of a deal? "It's just hair, it'll grow back" I replied. The mums at toddler group all stared at each other as if I was crazy! Was I crazy? After all I was right, it will grow back, wont it? 
Well for now I'll just be enjoying the new me, and if worst comes to worst there's always extensions!

What do you think? 
Would you make a dramatically change your hair if you thought it would make you feel better?

Hair Style: Long Bob
Hair By: Nikki

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