Thursday, 27 September 2012

PATTER CAKE, PATTER CAKE - Walnut Coffee Cake to be exact!

Bakers Man
Walnut & Coffee Cake
Made by Ralph Campbell-Smith

I'm in love! With a cake... My other half made the most beautiful walnut & coffee cake yesterday, melt in your mouth beautiful! The home made coffee icing (decaf for me, how sweet was he for doing that?) was light but delicious along with the sponge enriched with even more walnuts for the taste buds to encounter. The smells from the kitchen had my mouth yearning for a taste creating a never ending yell of "Is it done yet!?" Then just when I thought I'd get a chance to bite into the heaven that was being created, my son decided he was hungry letting my other half tease me by placing the cake directly in eyesight on the table in front of us while I fed the hungry beast of a boy and cried. Okay maybe I didn't cry but I was pretty upset that I didn't sprout two more arms.
I still get hungry looking at these photos...

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