Thursday, 27 September 2012

LOCATION - St Fillans, Scotland, UK

St. Fillans
Scotland, UK

To be honest, I don't visit St. Fillans enough and there is so much to it that I have yet to explore! Each time I visit, I spot something I'd missed before. The main road winds around the end of the beautiful Loch Earn where most of the village hugs against, creating a line of original cottages, hide away roads and the odd shop, hotel or restaurant. At first glance it looks like any pass-through town, but on take two you spot it's character. The odd boats on the edge of the loch tucked away but just in sight, the love and personality put into the family cottage and it's grounds, picnickers along the edge of the water invaded by the scavenger duck. And those tiny little whimsical places hidden behind walls of tree's and rock. St. Fillans take's time to unravel, only letting you in on it's secrets when it chooses. Anyone willing to take the time to wine and dine her will agree, but then again many parts of Scotland are like this. It's all where you're willing to look and how far you'll go to see it. And just when you think you've seen it all, you stumble on another hidden road or pathway you had missed before.

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