Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Rohan Campbell-Smith
Born - August 18th 2012
9lbs 1/2oz.

My other half Ralph and I welcomed our first son in August of this year! So far as you can imagine it's been a whirlwind of emotions, trials and tribulations but every minute has been worth it. As a newborn photographer  I imagined that it would have been a breeze when it came to photographing my son, boy was I wrong. For the first two weeks I was pretty much unable to function as a normal human being as 17 hours of labour and an unplanned caesarean had left me worse for wear. After 3 weeks Rohan got colic so it was almost impossible to get him calm enough to even consider a shoot and if we had managed to get him to sleep we didn't dare to move him for dread of what awaited us if we did. But one morning after Rohan had been dressed I found for the first time in awhile he let me cuddle him without any fuss. Of course I leapt at the opportunity, scared it wouldn't last long and grabbed my camera. It wasn't what I had originally imaged but a part of me is happy that it's not, as these photos have even more meaning than they would have. 
Our calm before the storm.

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