Thursday, 24 July 2014


A Lesson In Anthropologie
I'm in Love

If you ever visit Edinburgh, Scotland, you need to stop into Anthropologie. Even men will find something intriguing if they're foodies like Ralph. I'm transported back to rustic Greece islands with stone pots, lots of colour, the sweet smell of sea water and exotic flowers. Ralph had to drag me out of here as we were already late for our next adventure. I fell in love with some leather Aztec flats and a beautiful yellow floral summer dress. But what topped it off for me was the crockery, hand painted patterned mugs and stone pots, I could have bought endless amounts of recipe books, my favourite being The Paris Pastry Club.

I found myself redecorating our whole house while rummaging around bathroom apparel, wicker chairs and tables, stone hideaways and even glass wear. There was endless inspiration for every day life even if it is at a high price. But you're getting what you paid for as I wouldn't be surprised if the clothes outlived me. I have a habit of wearing out my shoes which doesn't seem to be a problem for shoes at Anthropologie.
I challenge you not to fall in love with this urban outfitters branch out from 1992, if anything their scents will entice you!

Got an Anthropologie outfit/item you love. Send us in a photo of you wearing it

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