Thursday, 14 June 2012

Let's get down to business!

Business Portraits

Business portraits are always something that people dread, I personally hate having my photo taken so it's understandable when an adult doesn't feel comfortable in front of the camera when it comes to business, it's almost as nerve racking as having to give a company speech, or seminar. After all, you're not just representing yourself in a business portrait, you're representing your company. That make's it even more nerve racking.

I really enjoyed taking these for The Best of Perth and Kinross, it's always great to meet new people and hear their story's and it was great to meet other representatives of other businesses also. It make's you feel like you're not the only one swimming in a sea of sharks.
These are some of my favourite shots, even though some of these probably wouldn't be used as advertising or marketing for their businesses, I loved them because they were around the time they started to relax and really enjoy themselves, even if they thought they were just having a conversation and they were "practice shots" those are usually some of the best ones, when they don't think it's really happening.
After a whole day of shooting, and lots of editing by hand... these are still nice to look back on to remind me of the laughs and story's that were shared that day.

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