Saturday, 18 July 2015

Something Sweet - SOFLOrganics

Something Sweet from SOFL Organics 

When it came to scrubs I used to avoid them with a barge pole.
I'd read that scrubs could scratch the skin, which is a no no in beauty.

 Proper sugar scrubs don't "scratch" anymore than using a loofah scrub, the natural sugars combined with warm water and antioxidants act as gentle exfoliation, ridding the skin of dead cells and detoxifying it in the process.

SOFLOrganics scrubs are an all natural, hand combined, scrub all the way from Florida that started in January 2015 by the beautiful Shanna Proudfit. She hand makes all her scrubs taking great care and passion into all the ingredients she uses. 

Since trying her scrubs 4 months ago I'm utterly addicted, my favourite so far being the Green Tea scrub, it leaves my face feeling like it can breath through the skin and the oatmeal & Honey is great for gentle repair on sunburn or other skin irritants.

SOFLOrganics Scrubs come in an array of choices, from cucumber & mint, Cranberry to Black Coffee or Aloe Vera to Lavender. But they don't stop there, Shanna is working on expanding the SOFLOrganics brand into organic beard oils, all natural soap, clay masks and scented candles. High demand and growing popularity of her scrubs are fast making a name outside of Florida as well as within. Shipping worldwide and available in wholesale, it wont be long before you see these in organic beauty distribution stores.

Check out the current SOFLOrganics product list at

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