Friday, 3 July 2015

Mary's Walk

Mary's Walk

I recently came across these photos while going through an old USB.
They were taken over a year ago down Lady Mary's Walk in Crieff with our 3 legged lurcher mix Shadow.

Shadow wears a muzzle because he was used as a hunting dog before he came to us for small rodents and birds, he is a beautiful lurcher mix who loves people but because of his history isn't great with small animals like cats, which is how he lost his leg. Shadow was let off the lead in urban area and a house cat caught his eye, he broke his leg jumping off a wall and landing onto another while chasing the cat (that cat escaped unscathed). 

Since Shadow has been with us he's chased cats and other small animals in rural areas but always with a muzzle, one thing we have observed is that even if he catches up with them he doesn't seem to attack them and rather wants to play. Even so, the muzzle is staying on whenever he is outside as we wouldn't want an instinct to cause a beautiful and loyal dog to be put down for something that he thought was right.

Shadow now stays with my mother in law and her beautiful greyhound Gunner, they get along beautifully and it's great for Shadow to have a constant companionship in his life. He has access to a huge garden that he can run around in and rural walks, including this one, just a two minute walk away. We regularly get to visit too.

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