Sunday, 12 January 2014

Chalk Board Painted Bottles

Chalk it up!
As you may have noticed anything with chalk board paint is IN at the moment! And what better way to up-cycle those wine bottles you either have stashed in the corner waiting to be taken to the recycle bin but instead have just been gathering dust or you know someone who does!

My soon to be husband and I order wine by the case from a little place called, we like this as it's more unheard of, small wine makers that get shout outs, and they are very nice too! Anyway, instead of throwing anything a way I have a bad habit of keeping everything for I always have a million idea's of what I could make out of it, but a lot of the time I never get too and whatever it is just sits in the house collecting dust, as I said before!

But I've found some very useful things I can make out of wine bottles, and due to knowing (and being...*cough cough) a wine junkie, we never seem to run out. Chalk board paint has been a favourite of mine since a young age, my mother used it on things around the house like cupboard doors, we even had old fireplaces that had been shut up and used as décor covered in chalk board paint so that we could draw on. A while ago I started doing that on cups so people could write their names on them, but then pinterest took over and it seemed everyone was doing that. So much for an original idea huh?
Even though this is not so original, chalk board wine bottles are sparking up the décor ladder at the moment, especially for occasions like weddings. Something I planned on doing at ours. They are great table number holders, or you can draw patterns on them with chalk and just have in amongst the table centrepieces.
Another one I've found looks great is on my stool for my jewellery, I hang the jewellery off of the bottles and write their description and price on the bottle in chalk.
They can be used as flower vases, that double as a message board.

They are a nice feature to an occasion or even just around the house. And if you don't want to make them yourselves you can buy them from the BumpedUP Etsy shop here.

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