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Rowan + Sandy

Rowan + Sandy
Date: 8th June 2013
Location: Roman Camp Hotel, Callander, Scotland.

The morning started out with sun shining in through my window, as happy as I was about this anyone who lives in Scotland will understand why at this moment I let out a little sigh, not because I was happy, no because in Scotland if the day starts out beautiful chances are you'll be caught later that afternoon with no umbrella or waterproof shoes when it suddenly monsoons. I held my breath, made a wish and hoped that this weather would last at least till everyone at Rowan and Sandy's wedding made their way in to eat, dance and be merry.

1 o'clock struck, to my amazement I was sweating, my Canon camera strap was becoming tight against the back of my neck with the heat and then this beautiful figure in white arrived. It was as if the weather had no effect on her at all. Her face glowed along with her beautiful bridesmaid and flower girls who scurried all around her fixing her dress, tending the rose petals and making sure all was well. It was like watching fairies fuss over their Queen. As the mother of the bride took the smallest of fairies they began to walk towards me. The grounds were bathed in colourful flowers, sitting against a river with water in full body. It seemed like a long walk towards the entrance to the hotel, thankfully long enough to get some beautiful shots. Inside was almost the complete opposite of what you would have expected from the buildings pink exterior. A roaring fire, which I didn't care for due to it already being the hottest day Scotland had probably ever seen. Flowers lining almost all the walls, tables and then there was the library, just big enough to fit in 80 people comfortably and two sweaty photographers. It was strangely the most dull of all the rooms but I understood why, it was a canvas rather than a statement, a canvas for a new chapter in their love story. Cries of happiness hit the ceiling and that's when I saw, when you looked up to God you were welcomed by a silky white immaculately detailed ceiling that I'd just so happened to miss when I first entered the room. It was beautiful, the more you watched the bride and groom the more you realized why they had chosen this setting.

The rest of the wedding was accompanied by more heat and the occasional breeze that all the guests were thankful for. I'm sure the hotel was lapping it up as it caused nearly no one to be drinkless. But when the bride and groom went off quietly to explore the grounds you realized the true beauty of their day, peace. One of my favourite photos of the bride and groom is where they are painted with beautiful pink blooms bursting from a forest of overgrown bushes that had now become tree's, tree's I could only imagine growing somewhere exotic, not Scotland? My second favourite image of the day was when the groom gently kissed his new wife on her head and she finally closed her eyes in content. As you can imagine with all the stresses that come with a wedding she had been nervous and rather uncomfortable looking till this moment. This was what their whole day was about, that moment, lost in each other's love. Part of me didn't want them to move from that spot, I wanted them to enjoy it longer before they had to walk back to the chatter and clanking of drinks across the people layered garden. But after that moment both of them seemed much more content with everything they did. Knowing looks across the grass they shared in amidst children running back and forth spreading flower petals across the floor, blowing bubbles and even grown ups playing ball or other garden games. No one looked bored, maybe a little hot but everyone was happy.
When it came to the dinner call people slowly made their way in and figured out their seats, peaking at all the trinkets scattered around the room. The tables were set pristine & precise, even a high chair for the youngest member sat waiting. I watched people laugh and share a moment with friends when they saw their seats and what lay await for them. The rearranging of the top table to make the children happy as they overlooked the rest of the guests. And the cake. Soft and delicate, so clean. The best definition of the statement "less is more", instead of a the traditional bride & groom cake topper in it's place lay flowers that matched the Brides bouquet. Charming white Roses with a touch of blue.
The room filled with delight as they cut the cake. And I was sad when it was my time to leave, like a good book I didn't want it to end. But the truth is it will never end, not only will they have photos of their beautiful day, the memories will be shared between their love for the rest of their lives.

I was truly honoured to be a part of their day and wish them everlasting happiness and many more memories to come.

Yours truly,

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