Saturday, 16 March 2013

A Few Of My Favourite Things...

These are some of the wonderful things we have around our house. I was sitting working away when I found myself pausing to admire the windowsill where a photo of our son sits left of a chilli plant and an imprint of our sons feet when he was 6 weeks old stands just as close. Naturally I grabbed my camera and started taking photos, then to the other things that catch my eye around the house. I didn't realise how many wonderful things we owned, things that had a personal meaning as well as a physical statement. All these objects were either a gift from someone special or something that reminded me of our son Rohan. 

Magic Box from Baby Art. Family all because two people fell in love Framed Art By Tilliams. Two Love Bird Owls (Antique Shop buy). Multicolour Bed Canopy IKEA. Candle Stands (Antique Shop Buy). Eeyore, Whinnie & friends Amazon and Ebay. Bedroom Bunting Amazon. Doorstop Owl stylish life. Chess (moody king) candle (Antique Shop Buy). Grimms Complete Fairy Tales Book Jarrold Books. Drinking Horn Ebay. Shoe Pocket Storage Amazon. Black Candle Holder Amazon.

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