Tuesday, 5 February 2013

All about the little things.

Capture the things you'll miss most once they're older!
A lot of you will know that last August (2012) I gave birth to our first son Rohan Connor Campbell-Smith. The, not so, little bundle of joy arrived on the 18th at 8:51 in the morning weighing a whopping 9lbs 1/2 an ounce. He's lived up to his bruiser size so far, it now being 6 months later I cannot believe how much he's grown and how fast it's gone! He's half a year old! When did that happen? 

When he was around 6-8 weeks I did one of those clay keepsakes where you stick either their hand or foot into a cold piece of grey gunk, let it dry for three days then worry about anyone going near it for fear that they may accidentally knock it over and it will smash along with your heart.
It got me thinking that even though I take mass amounts of photos of the little chap, and document every single movement he makes, I don't really have anything else like that clay keepsake.

His hands will change, along with his beautiful lips, his feet will become rough and I'll probably never see them again, or want to for that matter as they'll be covered in hair and stink on a daily basis! His cheeks will deflate and cover his bones like a blanket made of a spiky growth that he'll constantly be experimenting with just like his father. His eyes will change colour, no longer look straight into my soul and warm an empty fire that resided there for many years. He'll smile differently, more so for other people than his dear old mother, his belly button will have a pot of stubble, and his skin will never be as smooth as it once was.I wont even get started on his head of hair! Everything will be different and I'll be left wondering, what exactly did he look like when he was such a little boy? 

You don't need a photographer for this, although I'd love to be a part of your memento if you ever decide to get up close and personal with your ever changing baby!
Grab your camera, play with him, focus on the little things you're going to miss the most. Her hands, his delicate head, those little toes. Don't worry about zooming in too close, take him to the lightest part of the house (by a window on a sunny date is usually the best) start by taking head shots which you can later crop to zoom into her eyes, nose or mouth. If they manage to be keeping still, maybe she's taking a little nap? That's the best time to use the zoom or get up close to his hands, feet, etc.  She wont be moving and therefore you wont get a blurry shot.
Later on when you find these images again, you'll thank yourself for ever having the idea to take such personal shots of her beautiful features. 

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