Saturday, 1 December 2012

LOCATION - MacRosty Park, Crieff, Scotland, UK

MacRosty Park
Crieff, Scotland, UK

The mornings crisp, the air is sharp and the colours are magnificent! As I strolled the park with my partner in crime and the fragile peace of life we have created, I couldn't help but notice how magical this place can be. The tree's harboured colours of brown, mustard, orange, and red, the leaves falling like snow to the ground. The grass shone like it had been painted in gloss from the morning dew. It was amazing how different this place looked from last spring. It was almost a different park, the only clue was the lonesome bandstand waiting patiently for its floor to be draped in people playing instruments again. The daffodils were gone, but in their place were the fallen leaves, lining the ground waiting for children to run across them making them scatter in the wind. A cloud of mist hovered above the water, instead of ducks, dog walkers clothed themselves in wool or waterproof clothing instead of light cardigans and t-shirts. I was beginning to regret that I'd left my bulky camera at home, but it reminded me of how I'd strolled through the same park not that long ago, almost 5 months pregnant, and how everything changes so fast!

It's now winter, the tree's bare no leaves nor does the ground for that matter. Instead lays a crisp layer of frozen grass. The air bites at your lungs as you breath in and on the way out a puff of smoke lets you know how alive you are. The squirrels have disappeared along with most of the other critters, the water glistens as small bits of ice swim about the surface of the ponds. Once again the park has changed, it's waiting patiently for the snow to lay a thick blanket as it sleeps until spring again. Oh how I love this place. It has so much character quietly whispering to anyone willing to listen. Such a beautiful place.

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