Sunday, 21 October 2012

Smoky Eye Tutorial

How To - Day Time Smoky Eyes
Love the smoky eye effect? So do I. But sometimes it can be a little harsh for everyday wear.
Daytime smoky eyes are more creamy brown instead of harsh purples, blacks, and greys.
Here's how to create the look...

Step 1. Start with applying concealer to the base of your eye so the shadow has something to hold on to. This will keep the shadow on all day instead of it slowly wearing off and you end up having to re-apply. 

Step 2. Use a creamy white shadow as a base around the inner part of your eyelid and under your eyebrow. This defines the eye.

Step 3. Around the outer edge of the eye add a medium brown, blend until the harsh line has merged into the cream. Add a small amount underneath the eye to create a soft line.

Step 4. Blend a darker brown on top of the medium brown, then add a soft cream gold tinted shadow and lightly blend over the top of the whole eye.

Step 5. With a eye liner brush, dip into black eye shadow, or eye liner powder and line the eye from the inner corner to the very end of your lash line. The underneath half way across from the outer edge.
NOTE: Lining your eye depends on your eye shape, some eyes may benefit more from lining the whole eye or only above your lashes. TIP: if need be line the eye underneath with a white eye liner pencil to stop your eyes from appearing too small.

Step 5. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, then use your favourite mascara for both the top and bottom lashes.

And maybe next time I'll attempt at plucking and shaping my eyebrows...

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