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MUST-HAVE'S! for your labour makeup bag.

The Labour Kit
All women have some form of makeup kit, whether it's a basket full of skincare products under the sink or a huge cupboard dedicated to nail polish, foundation bottles, and every shade of eyeshadow, lipstick and pencils you will ever use in five lifetimes! But what exactly do you pack for yourself when you're pregnant, have the skin of a teenager hitting puberty and you'll have no time, nor privacy to apply makeup, let alone go to the toilet in a labour ward?
After 10 months of trials and tribulations, yes, 10 months! I have somewhat figured out the best makeup labour kit you can create for your peace of mind as well as your newly found ups and downs of swelling, anxiety, dry skin to suddenly bucket full of oily skin, and everything else that comes with being a mother. Here I will list the top 5. things you'll need for your kit as you don't want to bring mass amounts of things you probably wont use anyway and most likely lose while tossing through your bag looking for baby clothes, wipes, or dare I say, maternity briefs...

Number 1: The Bag
If you're taking a suitcase to the hospital with you a normal makeup purse/bag that is sizable to fit at least 1 skin lotion, foundation, lip balm, mascara and eyeshadow/blush will be fine. Or to make it easier as most makeup purses take up more room than they need to, how about using a medium sized drawstring bag which shift all the contents into the shape it needs in order to fit in your suitcase or travel bag? have a great range of makeup purses for travel at affordable prices or for some pretty handmade drawstring toiletry bags.

Number 2: Makeup Samples
You can get shampoo, conditioner and even hair tongs in travel sizes, so why not use makeup samples instead of your everyday makeup products? They're free, they're small enough to fit in your travel bag, and if you lose them you wont fret like you would if you'd brought your £50 day-cream or expensive lipstick you were going to wear for that upcoming Christmas-do everyones soooo looking forward too! Try and get samples of the makeup you already use daily and love, or a great way to find new found loves is contacting an AVON representative near you who will usually have many samples on hand from skin-care to lipsticks, even perfume or visiting a makeup stand and asking if they have any samples.

Number 3: Lip Balm
Having a baby can give you the most chapped lips you've ever had, which is why it's good to stay hydrated throughout labour and after birth. But with all the stress, breathing techniques and yes, sometimes you throw up, having a moisturised lip balm which is designed to help keep lips hydrated is a great little and often overlooked helping hand! Nivea lip care essential, Blistex intensive moisturizer lip cream and Vaseline lip therapy are all great choices and available at at an affordable price. 

Number 4: Tinted Moisturiser
After the birth of your baby, makeup will be the last thing on your mind and chances are the last thing you'll have time to do. Tinted moisturiser (moisturiser with built in foundation) will be a quick way to add some colour and freshness back into your face, as you'll be welcoming something familiar to your tired and pale skin to help keep you sane. No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturizer, Olay Max Factor Foundation Moisturising Cream, Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturising Day Cream, available at 

Number 5: Waterproof Makeup
You will, at some point, cry. It's inevitable and you wont be the only one, I promise. So if you decide to wear makeup before, during or after labour/birth go for waterproof as you WILL need it, otherwise prepare for panda face, streak marks and lots of re-application. Maybelline Colossal Waterprood Mascara is a great investment available at

Extra Tips: for extra sanity
Makeup remover wipes (aka Baby wipes) - Will be used for more than just your makeup.
De-tangling spray - If you have a long labour, chances are, and you wont know how or why, but your hair will turn into weave and tangle into itself.
Paddle Brush - This hair brush is more likely to get the knots out.
Water or Vitamin Waters - Yes you will be supplied with drinking water, probably not as cold as you would like it but to help keep hydrated and energized try a flavoured vitamin water, as you may even get sick of plain water by the time your ready to go home.

To see what else I put in the Must-Have Makeup Kit click here.

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