Saturday, 23 June 2012

RMA Photography's photographer get's her photos taken!

Maternity Photos for a photographer.
It would help to know that I (Holly) am not the only photographer for Raving Mad About photography and on occasion, especially for big shoots, there are one or two other's behind the scene photographers who step in. In this instance though instead one of Raving Mad About photography's photographers became the client and in this case it was me! Oh how strange it was too!

Last weekend on one of the nicer days here in Crieff, in a spontaneous moment brought on most likely by the weather, one of the extra photographers for RMA Photography stepped in and took over a maternity shoot I will ALWAYS remember for the rest of my life. It was definitely something I hope that I leave my clients feeling with, beautiful memory's and less of a fear of the camera or one's self. We used the garden off the side of my parents house (which came out very exotic looking in the photos may I add!), a basic flash diffuser and the evening sun. I absolutely fell in love with the outcome as awkward as I felt at first being the subject instead of the directer. These are the kind of photos I will cherish for the rest of my life, I'm so happy I got them done and the brilliant photographer who saw a shoot I didn't even realize I wanted!

All-in-all she captured what RMA Photography's main goal is to capture. The memory in the moment.
A gift so beautifully sentimental its worth more than words can describe.
Something we all deserve to have, something I'm so very thankful I got to have too.

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Photos by - Helene Lynch at Raving Mad About Photography.

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