Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wedding Hair - September 2011

Back in September 2011 I attended a wedding with my other goofy half in South Queensferry Scotland. It was a black tie evening gown wedding which made me freak out because of course I hadn't worn a gown in, well ever really and I have a tendency of over dressing or really under dressing, either way I make a statement which I guess counts right? :/
Anyhoo, I needed a balanced outfit, makeup and hairstyle. The best thing to do first is pick your outfit, you can base everything else around that. In this case using the colours that match your skin tone and eyes that you usually use when applying makeup is your best bet for the colour of your dress.
My dress was a long, satin, one shoulder, evening gown from bonprix in "brown" which it wasn't it's more of a milk chocolate amethyst colour not brown. I use a lot of purple and brown hues for eye shadow as I have green/hazel eyes so it complements. You can then use pinky, purple, and smoky colours for your make up if you choose a dress in amethyst brown or close to that colour, or go with the smoky eye look as it's an evening event.

For my hair I decided I wanted a side parting and pulled to one side to give a flirty but elegant look. I pulled my hair to one shoulder making sure it was the bare shoulder and not the one with jewels... even though the first time I did this I forgot, heh heh. Then I used my Remington curling iron and curled my hair in half inch strands. Curling my bangs/fringe into my face to give it volume.

For my makeup I used primer, concealer, Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish foundation, with a tinted bronze blush, a smoky eye, waterproof mascara and coral pink lip gloss. For a wedding that will last into the evening primer and concealer is a must! Don't forget to take them with you in case you need a quick smudge touch up. Foundation that will last all day is great if it does what it says, my favourite is Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish foundation, it may not last exactly 25 hours, not that I've worn it that long, but it does last a long time before needing even the slightest touch up and if applied properly not heavy or greasy on the skin.

I got my hair professionally done by the beautiful Stephanie Seagrave from The Wee Hair Retreat in Crieff, Scotland before the actual wedding to save time and having it done by a hairdresser made it more likely to stay in that style for the whole wedding and not turn into the weird frump it does normally by the end of the day... She curled the hair tightly so that over the long period of time and dancing they would loosen instead of fall out by the end of the night. I will tell you this, they stayed well in place the all day and the next! Plus I had other guests stopping because whatever products she used smelled so delicious they couldn't help themselves! At one point I'm pretty sure someone was trying to lick a curl as I was talking to the grooms father, was slightly awkward but I have to admit I was restraining myself from doing the same...

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Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation  £6.99 at boots
Remington Pearl Wand £25.99 at Remington


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